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13 Jul 2017

You’re feeling bored with the current Gmail avatar, you can choose a photo other to set as your Gmail picture.

Change your Gmail picture

STEP 1: First, you need gmail login account.


STEP 2: In the top right, click the gear icon 




STEP 3: In the “My Picture” section, click Change picture.


STEP 4: Select or upload a new picture.


STEP 5: Select the portion of the photo you want to show. Then click Apply changes.



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13 Jul 2017

You can read and send mail from most email addresses, including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Android has made it easy to add accounts, sync accounts, and remove accounts.



How to add another email account to the Gmail app on Android

STEP 1: Launch Settings from your Home screen, the app drawer, or the Notification Shade.

STEP 2: Swipe up in the Settings menu to scroll down.

STEP 3: Tap Accounts.

STEP 4: Tap Add Account.

STEP 5: Tap Google.

STEP 6: Type in your email address in the provided field. You can also create a new account to be added.

STEP 7: Tap Next.

STEP 8: Type your password.

STEP 9: Tap Next.

STEP 10: Enter the 2-Step Verification code if you have it enabled and tap Next.

STEP 11: Tap Accept to agree to Terms of Service and Privacy...

13 Jul 2017

Occasionally, when you send an email to someone and you immediately get back a reply to let you know that he or she has received email from you, but cannot reply … This is an email set by recipient to automatically reply when they are busy and cannot read and reply to your email.


If you are using a Gmail account, you can also do this because Auto-reply is one of the availablefeatures for user in Gmail.



How to set up Auto-reply messages in Gmail

Step 1:Gmail login account

Step 2: Click on the gear  icon on the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings”.


Then appearing the interface of main functions in the Settings.

In General tab, pull down the scroll until you see “Vacation responder” item. Check the “Vacation...

13 Jul 2017

This article shows how to set your Gmail account photo. Once set, your profile picture will be used to identify your account in chat lists, your contacts’ address books, your Google+ account, as well as with the emails you send. You can set and edit your Gmail avatar in a few easy steps.



How to set your gmail profile picture

Step 1: Sign into your Gmail account, click the gear icon and select Settings. Next, head to the General tab, scroll to My picture and click on Select a picture:

Step 2: Select an image from your PC by clicking “Choose File” and upload it. You can use any JPG, GIF or PNG file. Crop the image if needed and then click on Apply Changes:


Step 3: The last step is to set the visibility of your profile picture. Select...

13 Jul 2017

How to enable auto responder for Gmail. You want Gmail to automatically notify the sender of the message that you received an email from them.

>> How to create Gmail: Create New Gmail Account

You use Gmail and regularly receive emails from important people (customers, partners …). You want every time you receive an email from these people will have an automated email replying to them to announce that you have received their email and will respond to them soon.



How to enable auto reply in Gmail

STEP 1: Visit the following link: or from the Gmail mailbox, in the top right, click the gear icon 


STEP 2: In General tab, pull down the scroll until you see “Vacation responder”...

13 Jul 2017

How to use Google Drive on your PC

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service from Google that allows you to store files from your computer online and access them anywhere. Here are instructions on how to use Google Drive on computer.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive – also known as the Drive, Google Cloud or Gmail Drive. This is the online storage service that allows users to save documents on the cloud and share other files through your Gmail account. In other words, with Google Drive, users can upload the important files from their computer so they’re available anywhere you have access to a PC and an internet connection.

Some prominent Google Drive features

– Back up data from your computer to Google’s cloud services.

– Users...

13 Jul 2017

If you forget your password Gmail, Google offers several options to recover . If you have assigned a phone number or alternate email address to your account, Google can quickly reset the password. If you do not have alternative mail, Google can try to verify your identity and reclaim your account; for your password in this way it is important that you have your cell phone handy. Besides this there are 2 things you can do to recover or never forget Gmail password.



Way 1:

Go to Google’s Account Recovery page and select “I don’t know my password” . Then enter your Gmail email address and click on Continue:

If you’ve previously linked a phone number to your account, you can use it to retrieve a verification code by SMS, or you can...

13 Jul 2017

Sign in to Gmail on your iPhone to use email, check out information, send and receive mail.

Gmail for iOS availability may depend on which country you’re currently living for and requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Try adding your gmail account using built-in email app on iOS if your device is not compatible or not available in your region

This tutorial shows you how to do this on an iPhone, but the steps are identical on iPad.



Built-in email app on iOS

STEP 1: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account


STEP 2 : Select “Google ™“. Then enter your Gmail email address, password and account’s description.


STEP 3: Select what data if you want to sync with Gmail (your email, contacts, calendars, and reminders). And tap “Save

03 Jul 2017
Gmail sign up is not difficult, just follow these steps – It’s free to create a Google Account.
Gmail is a free email service which is very popular and is provided by the world’s leading Internet company, Google. Besides free, Gmail also has several other advantages below.
1. Simpler and Faster
Although Google place ads in Gmail but it doesn’t make the appearance messy. The interface is pretty sight. Talking about the speed, I’m sure you’ll agree that gmail is faster than other email services.
2. A Better Spam Detection System
Gmail can filter spam email very well.
3. One for All
When you create a Gmail account, you’ll also automatically sign up to some other accounts because gmail is integrated with other Google services such as...

03 Jul 2017
Gmail is an free e-mail service provided to Internet users by the giant Google. To Gmail login, you need to create a Google Account. A Google Account gives you access to Google products like Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and much more.

If you are a new user of this service, you can follow the steps below to log in to your Gmail account.
Visit the Google website at:, then click on “Sign in” at the upper right corner of the Google Home page. Or navigate to Google Mail website at
Type your Gmail address in the address field, click “Next“.

Type your Gmail password in the password box and click on “Sign in“. You will now be logged into your Gmail account.

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