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26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

Creating a blog from Blogger is simple, just sign up for a Gmail account and log in to Then you can start creating your blog from Blogger.

How to create a simple blog from Blogger?

First, you need to have a Gmail account. If you have not already, you can refer to the following article: Gmail sign up




Then, you proceed as follows:

STEP 1: Access and sign in to Blogger with your Gmail account using the link:

STEP 2: In the Blogger interface, select “CREATE NEW BLOG”.

STEP 3: You choose the name, path of your Blog page and basic Blog template. And click “Create Blog“.

STEP 4: Once the creation process is complete, you will be able to write articles and view the look of your Blog.

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13 Jul 2017

You can change your Gmail password for security reasons. Your Google Account password is used to access many Google products, like Gmail and YouTube.




STEP 1: To change the gmail password you can quickly access the link: or login to gmail, in the top right, click your photo. Click “My Account“.


STEP 2: Under category “Sign-in & security” select Signing in to Google.


STEP 3: Choose Password. To secure your account, Google will ask you to sign in again, sign in.


STEP 4: Enter your new password and enter Confirm new password, then select Change Password.


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13 Jul 2017

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world nowadays which sends and receives messages super fast.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, create a Gmail account then sign in to your Gmail using addresses:




Click the “COMPOSE” button to display Composing Mail window

The window of “Compose” of Gmail is larger (If you want to shrink as Step 3, click the double arrow).


In the first field, enter the email address of recipients. You can send to any address (yahoo mail, zing mail…) or send to multiple email at once.


Type the email subject, content and finally click Send to send your email. Successful mail sending will be notified. You can review the messages in the Sent Mail in Gmail’s left menu.


13 Jul 2017

Get the Gmail app for phones, tablets (Android, IOS). Using the Gmail app on your phone, tablet will get you use faster.

The Gmail app is one of the most downloaded free apps on both Apple’s App Store (IOS) and Google (Android).

You will feel more comfortable when using Gmail app, increase work efficiency with this app.



Key features of the Gmail app for your phone

  • Get your email instantly through push notifications on your phone or tablet. Read, respond to emails online and offline and find any email quickly.
  • Simpler use: Inbox is organized into sections: social, promotions, so you can read important emails first.
  • Less Spam: Gmail blocks spam before it is sent to your inbox.
  • Extremely large free storage (15 GB), you will not need to delete...

13 Jul 2017

Currently, users can block a sender on Gmail directly by Block button. This is a new and very helpful feature of Gmail.

To block a sender in Gmail, follow these simple steps below:

Step 1Log in to gmail account.

Step 2: Open the message you received. Click the More (▾) button in the email’s header area.From the drop-down list, select the option “Block [sender name]


Select Block




Then you will be notified that you have blocked this address successfully and received email will be moved to Spam item.


To unblock this Gmail address, go back and select Unblock “gmail”


Select Unblock to complete unblocking it.


With the simple tips above of, you have blocked someone’s Gmail successfully.

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13 Jul 2017

Changing your phone number in Gmail helps you enhance the security in process of using Google services.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, you can refer to our previous post to sign up gmail.

If you have already own an account but you accidentally forget the password and haven’t promptly changed your phone number. Don’t worry. You can recover your Gmail password easily . And in this post, will guide you how to change your phone number in Gmail.

Follow the simple steps below:


Step 1: Gmail sign in account at


Step 2: Click on the Username and select My Account.


Step 3: Click Sign-in & Security.


Step 4: Scroll down to Recovery phone and click on the > icon.




Step 5: Click on 

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