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26 Jul 2017

Currently, Google has launched the ads directly into the new Gmail Inbox.

These ads are very tricky because they are mixed with your inbox and look like a regular email.


The Promotions tab contains emails from places like department stores and other marketers that you have signed up for.

In the Gmail Inbox, there are two types of ads: a kind of that link out taking you away from your inbox and a kind ads that will expand in your inbox when you click.

You regularly use gmail, so having them inside of your inbox can be quite annoying, below’s how you can get rid of them

How To Stop Gmail From Stuffing Ads Into Your Inbox

Way 1

In the Gmail Inbox, if you see an ad in the promotions tab, click or tap the X on an ad to make it go away.

But this...

26 Jul 2017

After gmail sign up, you should follow this guide to secure gmail and get the most out of Gmail.

Your Gmail account will contain important information that many hackers “desire.” So the first thing after signing up for Gmail is to install the important security settings recommended by here.

  1. Add recovery email and recovery phone number

Here are two important settings to help you recover, recover passwords when lost or forgotten. When you set both of these settings, when asking for a password reset, you can choose one of two ways, which is most convenient for you.


  1. Turn on 2-step verification

This 2-step verification will help you create a dual-layer password for your Gmail account. The first layer is the password, the second...

26 Jul 2017

Has your name changed, or that of your business? Just want a new Gmail account but don't want to miss emails? No problem. You can move all your mail from one Gmail account to another. While your Gmail address is set in stone, you can set up a new Gmail account, though—and take your mail with you.


Change Gmail Addresses, and Take Your Mail with You

There are two ways to lead your old mail to a new account.

You can do the moving manually in an email program, preserving your setup of labels, or let Gmail copy the messages for you without labels but also without hassle.

Move or Copy Mail from One Gmail Account to Another (Using Only Gmail)

First, make sure all email programs or services you have configured to download mail from your old Gmail...

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

26 Jul 2017

Gmail is Google’s free email service that enables users to send and receive e-mail over the Internet.
You can access Gmail at If you already have a Gmail account, please login to gmail to use, or gmail sign up if you haven’t.

Now, let’s guide you through on how to create new gmail account, follow the steps below to sign up gmail.


Step 1: In your Web browser (Ex: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc), please type: or on your address Bar.

Step 2: Your browser automatically redirects to gmail sign in page, click “More options” then click”Create account” button.

Step 3: Your browser automatically redirects to gmail sign up page. You must fill out the sign up page.

This is where...

26 Jul 2017