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26 Jul 2017

After gmail sign up, you should follow this guide to secure gmail and get the most out of Gmail.

Your Gmail account will contain important information that many hackers “desire.” So the first thing after signing up for Gmail is to install the important security settings recommended by here.

  1. Add recovery email and recovery phone number

Here are two important settings to help you recover, recover passwords when lost or forgotten. When you set both of these settings, when asking for a password reset, you can choose one of two ways, which is most convenient for you.


  1. Turn on 2-step verification

This 2-step verification will help you create a dual-layer password for your Gmail account. The first layer is the password, the second layer is the verification code sent to your phone when you enter the password. Without this verification code, you will not be able to sign in to Gmail.

You may ask the question if you do not receive this verification code. The ability to receive a verification code is rather low but not impossible, so Gmail allows you to create a backup phone number for verification code, verification via Google Authenticator, a security key, and a backup code.


  1. Forward email from your old account

If before using Gmail, you used Outlook / Hotmail or Yahoo mail, you can easily forward new messages (from the moment of transition settings) to your Gmail account. So you will not worry about missing any emails from your old account.


  1. See basic instructions to use email

– Send & receive mail with Gmail

– How to email multiple people at the same time

– How to distinguish unread and read emails

– How to add a new email address to contacts

– Create / delete labels

– Delete emails and recover deleted emails

– Learn CC and BCC fields to use when writing letters

– How to change the language of a Gmail mailbox

– Sending files, document images (below 25 MB) and files> 25 MB

– Create canned responses for outgoing emails

– Enable auto responder

– Create professional signatures

– Add button to cancel & revive email sending with Gmail

– Enable / Disable notifications when new mail arrives

– Block / Unblock Email you do not want to receive mail

– Change the look of Gmail

– How to rename Gmail

– Deleting Social & Ads tab in your inbox

– How to export, backup contacts

– Backup the entire email

  1. Some other settings

– Sign in to multiple Gmail accounts on the same computer

– Change Gmail password

– Gmail login is faster when network is slow

– Check for new Gmail messages without signing in

– View and manage offline Gmail without internet

– Create the Gmail app on your computer

– How to get Gmail password when forgotten or lost

– Send, share quick link through Gmail on Google Chrome, Coc Cốc

– Sign out of Gmail from all your PCs, tablets, phones

– Attach the file on Dropbox to the outgoing mail

– Download the Gmail app for phones, tablets (Android, iOS)

– Delete Gmail account

Wish you use Gmail more professional !!!

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